AJT Diabetic logo with tagline
AJT Diabetic logo with tagline

AJT Diabetic was founded with one goal in mind:  Provide our very valued patients, the best care and service for their diabetes testing needs.  Simply put, you won’t find a more caring group of individuals who are selfless in their dedication to making sure your diabetic supply needs are always taken care of.

Have a question?  Not sure about how to program your glucose meter?  Interested in finding another meter to better suit your needs. The trusted team of experts at AJT will help answer all your questions and get you on your way to living a healthy life.  Call or Email and we’ll be glad to help.

AJT Diabetic is one of only nine selected contract suppliers for the National Mail Order Diabetic Supply Program.  If you or a loved one are on original fee for service Medicare Part B, you must obtain your supplies through a Medicare Contracted Diabetic Supplier.


AJT Diabetic is B.O.C Accredited and complies with all state licensure requirements to provide home medical equipment. Additionally, AJT Diabetic is committed to helping you all major medical equipment and supplies including CPAP Supplies, Urological Supplies, Wound Care Supplies, Nebulizers and equipment, Oxygen and much more.

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